Principal's Desk
Education refers to both formal and informal education. It ought to teach not only how to make life but also how to live. Bal Vikash Vidyalaya believes in this very concept and abides by since her very inception. she focuses her dedication towards stimulating a passion and motivation for learning and forming set attitude, skills and wisdom that help the learners to shift their potentiality into a reality.

Now-a-days the learners are filled with information but starving for knowledge and wisdom. Having realized this, we, the team of Bal Vikash Vidyalaya, under the guidance of the Principal of CCE apply the Knowledge needed for the learners strategically and then help the learners to translate that knowledge into wisdom. By doing this the learners are equipped to move up in life confidently. As a result we have got enormous success in quality education.

So if the parents want their kids successful not only in academic fields but also in caring, confident, patient and humble, Bal Vikash Vidyalaya is the best place to get your kids started.

We do hope that this prospect gives a favor of what we, the school have to offer to your kids. Come and Join in the family of Bal Vikash Vidyalaya.
Gerald Patrick P.